There’s a haunted hotel in Gaza. Only a few know about it. To be precise, everyone knows the hotel. It’s where the VIPs stay — journalists, NGO workers, diplomats. Also known as foreigners. I digress. What I mean to say is that only few know that it’s haunted.

We had…

what is your father’s name? your father’s father’s name? i’m not exactly sure but i’ve approximated. that’s my story and i’ve repeated it for 4 years until it became truth. showing up to those booths with the same intensity of strapping into a lie detector. criminality is my birthright. i…

The morning light cascades through the kitchen skylight like soft, fresh linens. I hold my hands out, palms facing down to instinctually inspect the quality of my homemade manicure, and then palms facing up to watch the shadow of this movement dance with the pale light. I think about the…

July 1. Day of Rage. Brooklyn, New York.

We listened to Palestinians born in Palestine, Palestinians born in America, Eritrean asylum seekers, 83-year-old ex-Zionists, Black Americans, Kashmiris. The message is unified — burn it down. Burn down the lies that headline the newspapers, the looting we call capitalism, the notion that humans have supremacy over the Earth let…

Been thinking about the use of the term “lockdown” lately. For Americans, the world that was once our oyster has suddenly become a claustrophobic place. The freedom to go anywhere and do anything is canceled for the time being. It’s unclear when our malls will re-open, if we’ll see the…

Despite not being particularly religious, I always like to reflect on the timeliness and timelessness of Ramadan each year. I love how Ramadan quietly appears every year, rain or shine or pandemic, and shows up right on time to lay down some life lessons, whether we’re ready for them or…

I ask about you, you ask about me.

Our voices dancing to the rhythm of call and response.

Behold the pandemic, share podcasts, share laughs.

Hoping this coping will last.


Will we ever talk about us?

Is there an us to discuss?

Years ago there may have been an…

Six months ago I was on holiday on the Greek island of Crete while Palestine was on break for Eid al Fitr. It was my first holiday since relocating to Gaza six months prior. I remember being on that island paradise for just over 24 hours and all I could…

Separation wall at Qalandia crossing.

Today, what amounted to 41 days of hunger strike of around 1500 Palestinian political prisoners came to an end as Israel agreed to meet some of the demands of improving prison conditions to more closely meet international standards. During these 41 days, the prisoners survived only on saltwater and in…

Cafe la vie. Ramallah.

we can think of this as something that’s ended

too soon

Or as something that’s just begun.

A divine kick-off, an opportunity

to search our souls

to stay the path

find the center

listen for the ring

of truth, and finally

to be lost and found again.

Anam Raheem

jersey girl steeped in cardamom & clove. writing from palestine.

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